NAGASE Personal Care



NAGASE Personal Care held a webinar on Glucosyl Naringin with SpecialChem on May 25.
We will be presenting a unique natural ingredient, Glucosyl Naringin at Presentation Room F at 14:00 on May 19.
NAGASE Personal Care held a webinar on Extremosio™ with Personal Care Magazine on March 30.
Trehalose100 and MG-60 can offer an additional value for sanitizing products.
Are you constantly engaged to exceed your customers' exigencies for all color cosmetic applications in a healthier and safer way?


The information presented at the IFSCC Virtual Congress held from October 21st to 30th will be released.
Details of ingredients and heavy metal content within each product have been provided.
We will Introduce new skin elasticity findings related to Glucosyl Naringin, a new ingredient announced in March of this year.
New Catalogs outline the products’ story, functional data, human test data, and their numerous benefits.
We have added the TDS of MPT-171, Ultrafine Titanium Dioxide.