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NAGASE Specialty Materials exhibited a wide range of personal care ingredients at NYSCC Suppliers' Day.
NAGASE Personal Care developed a roll-on serum formula for optimal skincare around the eyes, featuring two active ingredients.
NAGASE Personal Care developed a new hand sanitizer formula with Trehalose 100.
NAGASE Personal Care developed a new gel formulation with a Vitamin C derivative, which has been difficult until now.
Minimize Skin Irritation with a Highly Safe, Eco-friendly Technology.
NAGASE Personal Care gave a technical presentation on Glucosyl Naringin at CITE Japan 2021 on May 19th.
NAGASE Personal Care held a webinar on Glucosyl Naringin with SpecialChem on May 25.
We will be presenting a unique natural ingredient, Glucosyl Naringin at Presentation Room F at 14:00 on May 19.
NAGASE Personal Care held a webinar on Extremosio™ with Personal Care Magazine on March 30.
Trehalose100 and MG-60 can offer an additional value for sanitizing products.
Are you constantly engaged to exceed your customers' exigencies for all color cosmetic applications in a healthier and safer way?

The information presented at the IFSCC Virtual Congress held from October 21st to 30th will be released.
Details of ingredients and heavy metal content within each product have been provided.
We will Introduce new skin elasticity findings related to Glucosyl Naringin, a new ingredient announced in March of this year.
New Catalogs outline the products’ story, functional data, human test data, and their numerous benefits.
We have added the TDS of MPT-171, Ultrafine Titanium Dioxide.
NAGASE Personal Care has started to provide Ultrafine Titanium Dioxide, which can be used as a UV filter.
Our New Technical Data by Using 3D Skin Models Show Efficacy of Extremosio™ for Even Skin Tone.
New Formulations with Extremosio™: Autophagy Activation Cream.
New Formulations with MG-60: Hygiene Products with a Gentle Touch.
Our ingredient Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin derived from citrus fruits has been shown to effectively lessen the damage that hair receives from a hair dryer.
We are pleased to announce the launch of our WeChat official account for our customers.
NAGASE Personal Care will start sales of Glucosyl Naringin, an anti-aging cosmetic ingredient that promotes the production of elastin, an extracellular matrix protein involved in the maintenance of skin elasticity and the formation of elastin fiber.
Improved microcirculation from Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin helps brighten dulled skin and dark circles around the eyes.

Here are the three most popular articles we shared with you during 2019. Enjoy!
NAGASE Personal Care team have developed a new sunscreen formula with stabilized Vitamin C derivative, AA2G™.
NAGASE Personal Care team have developed a new formula with AA2G™ to help achieve a clear, stable gel.
NAGASE Personal Care will be exhibiting at in-cosmetics™ asia on 5-7 November 2019, in Bangkok.
We will be presenting a new study on an active showing the efficacy of Extremosio™ at IFSCC Conference.
We will be presenting a unique natural ingredient, Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin.
MG-60 creates lasting fine, elastic foam that provides rich feeling to cleaning products.
Our new formulation, “Trehalose 100 Hydro Rescue Toner Gel” has shown superior ability to moisturizing and revitalize skin from dryness.
Hair Mass Index were measured and significantly improved by using hair spray containing Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin after 6 months of treatment.
We will be presenting a unique natural ingredient, Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin at Presentation Theater at 13:30pm on May 8.
NAGASE Personal Care was exhibiting at in-cosmetics® global and we had a successful turn out with most recorded number of visitor to our booth.
NAGASE Personal Care will be exhibiting at CITE JAPAN 2019 on May 15-17 2019.
NAGASE Personal Care will be introducing new functional ingredient at in-cosmetics® global Innovation Zone and Makeup Bar next week.
NAGASE Personal Care will be exhibiting at in-cosmetics® global on 2-4 April 2019, in Paris.
NAGASE Personal Care designs and manages testing protocols to highlight the efficacy of our ingredients using innovative methods such as 3D skin equivalent models.
Innovation of Saccharide Technology by HAYASHIBARA, NAGASE group company.
NAGASE Personal Care will be exhibiting Innovative Personal Care Solutions from natural derived specialty to functional ingredients with our novel technologies.

New studies shown that AGH can improve the appearance of pores, thanks to its anti-oxidative, lipid peroxidation suppressive and anti-inflammatory effects.
NAGASE Personal Care is expanding its product lineup this autumn. In addition to the specialty skincare range, new products widen our products variety in color cosmetics and wash-off categories.
NAGASE Personal Care will showcase beauty and personal care ingredients at in-cosmetics™ asia, Bangkok on October 30- November 1, 2018. Please visit booth H10 to meet our team!
Propol™ ISLB is a 100% plant-based scrubbing agent that gently massages and delivers moisture to the skin with a tender touch.
This lifting sheet mask is absorbed with Pullulan lotion which brings instant lifting effect and leaves your skin hydrated.
Our Propol A-C and Propol RS-C are plant-based non-ionic thickeners. They can be alternative for synthetic polymers as they can develop viscous gels equal to carboxyvinyl polymer.
MG-60 helps to make denser, richer and longer lasting foam for cleansing products, such as shampoo, face and body wash.
NAGASE Personal Care’s Long Lasting Soft Matte Concealer Stick developed with Esterol #26 Series Liquid Waxes has won the Make-Up Bar Silver Award at in-cosmetics® global in Amsterdam.
In our latest research, Pullulan demonstrated to reduce the depth of wrinkles around the eyes.
NAGASE Personal Care will be at in-cosmetics® global on 17-19 April 2018, in Amsterdam.
Our new test result for MG-60 demonstrates that it helps to add shines to damaged hair cuticles.
Please visit us at PCHi Shanghai on 19-21 March 2018.
Trehalose 100 has the ability to suppress moisture transpiration by retaining moisture within keratin and promote lamellar structure formation of intercellular lipids.
Our new study indicates significant effect with MG-60; to prevent skin irritation from harsh surfactants by reducing TEWL and skin redness.

AA2G™ is proven to have fewer damages on skin cells from diesel particle extracts (DPE) pollutants.
New study demonstrates that our Ascorbyl Glucoside (AA2G™) can lighten aging and dark spots with positive results.
NAGASE Personal Care will be at in-cosmetics™ asia from 31 October – 2 November 2017, in Bangkok.
Our recent study demonstrates that AA2G™ is effective against skin damage caused by UVA with positive results.
We are pleased to announce that NAGASE (Europa) GmbH has opened a new branch office in Lyon, France.
Our new in-vio research demonstrates that Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin is effective against skin yellowness, dullness, and dark circles.
New Document of “Multi Anti-Aging Effects” is available from AA2G™.
New Technical Data Sheet of "Instant Lifting Effect" is now available for our customers.
NAGASE Personal Care will be presenting Halal regulation on beauty and personal care ingredients at the Exhibitor Technology Forum. This seminar is open to everyone who is registered to CITE Japan 2017.
We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website catering for our customers.
NAGASE Personal Care will be at in-cosmetics® global on 4-6 April 2017, in London.
Please visit us at this year's PCHi Guangzhou on 21-23 February 2017.
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