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Anti-pollution with AA2G™

Our previous document has shown AA2G™ with anti-aging benefits; based on further studies, there are new findings for AA2G™ on ANTI-POLLUTION and its ability to inhibit pollution-induced skin aging.

AA2G™ is proven to have fewer damages on skin cells from diesel particle extracts (DPE) pollutants.

New study demonstrates that skin cells which were pre-treated with AA2G™ can suppress damage from DPE, resulted in suppression of carbonylation of the skin, clearing reactive oxygen species (ROS) and decrease the production of collagen IV.

AA2G™ is a time-released stabilized Vitamin C derivative produced from ascorbic acid and starch using enzymatic technology developed by Hayashibara / NAGASE.  AA2G™ is Ecocert COSMOS, Halal certified, as well as China Compliant.

For further information and new data for AA2G™, please access the technical data sheet on AA2G™ page, or contact us at

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