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Relieving Skin Irritation with MG-60

Our new study indicated significant effect with MG-60; to prevent skin irritation from harsh surfactants by reducing TEWL and skin redness.

MG-60 is stable to high heat and does not cause discoloration, it can be easily be incorporated in wide range of applications such as: skin care, hair care and cleansing products. We recommend MG-60 for gentle cleansing formulations (face wash, hand & body soap, shampoo, etc.)

MG-60 is a multifunctional clear carbohydrate liquid which imparts smooth texture and protects skin against irritation. MG-60 also improves foam richness resulting in long-lasting lather with luxuriant after-feel. MG-60 is Ecocert COSMOS certified, as well as China Compliant.

For further information and new data, please access the technical data sheet on MG-60 page, or contact us at

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