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Trehalose 100 maintains Healthier and Moisturized skin

Trehalose 100 has the ability to suppress moisture transpiration by retaining moisture within keratin and promote lamellar structure formation of intercellular lipids.

In our new series of tests, we compared the moisturization action of the stratum corneum with Trehalose 100 against glycerin. One of our test results indicated that Trehalose 100 to retain 5.6 times more moisture in keratin and in intercellular lipids, compared with glycerin in dry environments.

Furthermore, it was indicated that Trehalose 100 promotes the formulation of the lamellar structure, and contributes to the stable maintenance of intercellular lipid.

Trehalose 100 is a naturally occurring disaccharide with regenerative ability which helps to protect skin and hair damage from dehydration even under extremely dry conditions. Trehaloese 100 is Ecocert COSMOS certified, as well as China Compliant.

For further information and new data, please access the technical data sheet on Trehalose 100 page, or contact us at

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