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MG-60 for Beautiful Shiny Hair

Our new test result for MG-60 demonstrates that it helps to add shines to damaged hair cuticles.

Damaged hair shafts often have rough, brittle surfaces which eliminate light reflections that contribute to its shininess. While treating the damage hair cuticles with 5% MG-60 solution, it is able to revive luster and increase the glossiness up to 50%.

MG-60 is a multifunctional clear carbohydrate liquid which imparts smooth texture and protects skin against irritation. MG-60 also improves foam richness resulting in long-lasting lather with luxuriant after-feel. MG-60 is Ecocert COSMOS certified, as well as China Compliant.

For further information and new data, please access the technical data sheet on MG-60 page, or contact us at

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