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Luxury Durable Foam for Cleansing Products with MG-60

Our new test result demonstrates that MG-60 helps to make denser, richer and longer lasting foam for cleansing products, such as shampoo, face and body wash.

Good foaming property is important for cleansing products, to increase the washing ability as well as to improve the sensory feelings. In our study, Liquid Cleansing with 5% MG-60 improves the overall quality of the foam compares with formulas without MG-60. Furthermore, MG-60 makes long lasting bouncy foam.

MG-60 is a multifunctional clear carbohydrate liquid which imparts smooth texture and protects skin against irritation. MG-60 also improves foam richness resulting in long lasting lather with luxuriant after-feel. MG-60 is Ecocert COSMOS certified, as well as China Compliant.

For further information and new data, please access the technical data sheet on MG-60 page, or contact us at

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