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What is behind NAGASE Personal Care’s Innovative Ingredients?

Innovation of Saccharide Technology by HAYASHIBARA
HAYASHIBARA, NAGASE group company, was founded as a syrup manufacturer in 1883 and has specialized in industrializing functional carbohydrates by enzymatic method using glucose from starch. HAYASHIBARA has produced high quality ingredients for cosmetics such as AA2G™ (stabilized Vitamin C) and Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin by glycosylation technology.

Glycosylation Technology
HAYASHIBARA’s glycosylation technology can transfer glucose to target materials by utilizing glucose molecules from maltodextrin with its own bond energy. This technology improves the function, property, stability and solubility of the target materials. HAYASHIBARA will remain an aspiring innovator for cosmetics, producing high quality ingredients. New products are in the pipeline to be launched by NAGASE from 2019.

For further information, please access AA2G™ page and Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin (AGH) page, or contact us on:

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