NAGASE Personal Care


Presenting Bespoke 3D Skin Model to Enhance Product Efficacies

NAGASE Personal Care aims to provide high-value products for the worldwide cosmetic market. Besides offering novel ingredients that fit local trends and regulations, we wish to offer to our customers and partners effective services. To expand our network across the globe, NAGASE Personal Care have recently opened an office in Lyon, France, allowing the company to bring value to our current offerings.

By working with the best experts in the cosmetic and skin biology field, NAGASE Personal Care designs and manages testing protocols to highlight the efficacy of our ingredients using innovative methods such as 3D skin equivalent models. As well, providing support for the formulation of the ingredients is also a part of our consideration. Moreover, by collaborating with our partners to build a strong working relationship, NAGASE Personal Care contributes to the recent advances in skin biology. Indeed, finding out new cosmetic targets, as well as participating in the development of methods which allow a better evaluation of the skin and a better comprehension of its physiology is our priorities.

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