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New State-of-the-Art Based Powder from J-Beauty presented at Innovation Zone for in-cosmetics® global

NAGASE Personal Care will be introducing new functional ingredient at in-cosmetics® global Innovation Zone and Makeup Bar next week.

Micromica MK-200PG is an innovative, ecological based powder developed for J-Beauty to enhance the properties and quality of conventional sericite.

An essential base material, sericite is used widely for makeup in Japan due to its silky and airy texture, but with limitation of unstable supply and impurities. Micromica MK-200PG offers multifunctional benefits thanks to its extremely thin flaky structure and low heavy metals. It is recommended for "No Makeup" makeup suitable for diverse range of skin tones.

Micromica MK-200PG is sustainable ingredient using potassium silicofluoride obtained as by-product of phosphate fertilizer. It also contains low level of heavy metals compared to conventional sericite.

Recommended applications:

For further inquiries, please visit in-cosmetics® global Innovation Zone or at our booth on D20; alternatively, please contact us at

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