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Thinning Hair Solution with Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin

The continuous demand for the prevention and improvement of thinning hair is on the rise for both men and women alike; we have established proven efficacy for our active Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin (AGH) to enhance the volume and density of hair.

Hair Mass Index were measured and significantly improved by using hair spray containing 3% AGH after 6 months of treatment.
In addition, 80% of the subjects with improved hair thinning also feel they have fuller hair from the treatment.

AGH is a highly soluble bioflavonoid sourced from citrus fruit peels. It helps to promote healthy skin by improving microcirculation to overcome the negative physical effects by stress, tiredness and cold environment. AGH is Ecocert COSMOS certified, as well as China Compliant.

For further information, please access the technical data sheet and sample formulations on Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin page or contact us on:

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