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“Autophagy as a New Strategy to Reduce Skin Pigmentation” to present at IFSCC, Milan

At IFSCC Conference next week, NAGASE Personal Care will present a new study on an active showing the efficacy of Extremosio™ to prevent and reduce pigmentation-related skin conditions, notably through autophagy activation.

Extremosio™ is a novel anti-aging solution that rejuvenates the skin by slowing the aging process within skin cells. It consists of plurilamellar liposomes loaded with trehalose; a naturally occurring sugar, and a natural inducer that is scientifically proven to safety activate autophagy through a mTOR independent pathway, leading to removal and replacement of damaged skin proteins.

Our new study supports the implication of autophagy in reducing melanin content, this information will be presented on the Scientific Poster in the Mars session for Beyond Ingredients at IFSCC on 1-2 October. Details can be found on the 25th IFSCC Conference at

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