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NAGASE Group will conduct two poster presentations at this year's IFSCC Virtual Congress

NAGASE Group will present the following two posters at IFSCC Virtual Congress, which takes place from October 21 to 30.

Both posters present findings based on new data obtained through the Lyon-based research functions of NAGASE Group.

We invite you to take a look at the new data on skin elasticity involving Glucosyl Naringin, a new raw ingredient announced by NAGASE Group company Hayashibara Co., Ltd. in March this year.

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Category :Melanogenesis
Poster number :44
Ingredient :Extremosio
Title :A novel approach to study the role of autophagy in skin pigmentation using an autophagy-induced 3D full-thickness pigmented skin equivalent model
Presenter :Dr. Elodie Metral, Nagase Europa, France

Category :Skin Care
Poster number :200
Ingredient :Glucosyl Naringin
Title :Development of a polyphenolic glycoside, Glucosylnaringin, to improve skin elasticity
Presenter :Mr. Masahiro Otao, HAYASHIBARA CO., LTD., Japan

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