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Technical Presentation of Our New Raw Material at CITE Japan 2021

NAGASE Personal Care attended at CITE Japan on May 19th, 2021.

We made a presentation on the improving effect of Glucosyl Naringin on skin elasticity.
Glucosyl Naringin is a new plant-derived functional material that is effective in improving skin elasticity.
The elasticity and firmness of the skin is an important factor that affects our appearance, and there are high expectations for cosmetics to maintain and improve it. Elastin, one of the extracellular matrices of the dermis, is responsible for maintaining the skin's firmness and elasticity. Glucosyl Naringin, which we have developed, has been confirmed to enhance the production of elastin and to promote its fiber formation.
In this presentation, we introduced Glucosyl Naringin as a new anti-aging material that is effective by taking a multifaceted approach to elastin, not only by improving elastin quantitatively but also qualitatively by promoting fiber formation.
Glucosyl Naringin is a material that combines glucose with naringin, a polyphenol derived from citrus fruits, using an enzymatic method. Glucosyl Naringin has improved water solubility by glycosylation, which has made it possible to conduct various tests, and its effectiveness in improving skin elasticity has been recognized in human efficacy evaluations.

For more information on Glucosyl Naringin, please refer to our Glucosyl Naringin product page below.

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