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New Formula Proposal: Gel Formulation with Vitamin C Derivative

NAGASE Personal Care has successfully developed a new gel formulation with a Vitamin C derivative, which has been difficult until now. While the superior texture of gel-type cosmetics has made them popular in skincare products, formulating gels with Vitamin C or Vitamin C derivatives using the traditional synthetic thickeners reduces the gel’s viscosity, making it difficult for the gels to maintain their shape. The gel formula proposed by NAGASE Personal Care this time is formulated using the Vitamin C derivative provided by NAGASE group, AA2G™, and can retain gel viscosity, making it possible to combine the viscous texture with the benefits of the Vitamin C derivative.

This formula was presented at CITE Japan 2021 which was held in Japan in May this year, and we have received many inquiries about it from numerous customers.

For more information, please refer to our AA2G™ product page below.

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