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Proposing Ingredients Based on the Concept of Upcycling

Upcycling is the process of giving new value to waste and items that are no longer needed that would otherwise be disposed of, thereby increasing the value of the items themselves.

HAYASHIBARA, a member of the NAGASE Group, has produced natural active ingredients that can be used in cosmetic products through its proprietary enzyme technology by making use of raw materials extracted from young citrus fruits that have been thinned out during the citrus cultivation process at citrus farms, as well as citrus fruits that have fallen to the ground during growth and cannot be sold.

The resulting active ingredients are Glucosyl Naringin and Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin.

Glucosyl Naringin is an anti-aging cosmetic ingredient that promotes the production of elastin, an extracellular matrix protein involved in the maintenance of skin elasticity and the formation of elastin fiber.

Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin promotes blood circulation and has a skin brightening effect, making it an excellent ingredient for those who wish to achieve good health and beauty.

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